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Thursday, February 19, 2009

bangers and mash

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slightly insipid title i suppose. bangers and mash- a british term for sausage and potatoes. this would be comfort food in certain circles. at least something simple yet substantial. that's how i feel about rock and roll.

believe it or not this is a post that is inspired by music. i have been listening to rise against's newest single over and over on my car radio and i absolutely love it. i have always been a fan of the band, so this is not really a surprise. it's rock vibe is not my usual posting style, but the truth is that i have always been an "alternative" fag. i listen to ktcl in my vehicle (every day) and a big fan of rock and roll, rockabilly, metal, thrash, hardcore, ska, to name a few..

i'm driving to santa fe today for a couple of days. i promise i am going to try to start using the camera on my blackberry and utilize my own experiences a little more..

today's sound choice is re-education through labor by a homegrown rise against...


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