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Friday, October 3, 2008

whatever happened to.... meme

Environment moves over the sleeper:
Conditioned air
Conditions sedated breathing
The sensation of viscose sheets on nakes flesh
Soft and warm
But lonesome in the blackened ocean of night
from sleeper in metropolis (lyrics here)

steve at defying despondency put a call out for a makeshift trivia meme around whatever happened to....

of course, since i think it's musical, i jump at the chance. anne clark came to perform at the afterhours club i worked at. she is an incredible poet and she spoke her words to synthesizer and drums. it seemed quite modern and de rigeur in the early 80's. i considered myself such a fashionista then, so it was fun being part of the in crowd.

i hadn't thought or heard of her for years, and then i was searching on youtube for liasons dangereuse and there was a vid of hers. the most popular tune of hers, i believe... at least stateside..was "our darkness"

"sleeper in metropolis" is autoplaying in the sidebar. i'm playing with different options and gadgets on this blog and having fun. hope you can bear with me... but anne clark's sound is quintessential 80's for me. such focused minimalism. that decade's style is definitely there.

so if you have a "whatever happened to...." then consider yourself tagged.

well here's some wiki info on her

In 1982, Anne Clark published her first album, The Sitting Room, with songs written by herself. On the following albums, Changing Places (1983), Joined up Writing (1984) and Hopeless Cases (1987), Anne benefited from an acquaintance from the Warehouse: keyboardist David Harrow contributed as the co-author. The songs created by this team, such as Sleeper in Metropolis, Our Darkness and Wallies have since been considered milestones of the 1980s and 1990s.

In 1985, Clark released the album Pressure Points. It was created in cooperation with John Foxx, who had founded Ultravox.

In 1987, Clark went to Norway for three years, where she worked with Tov Ramstad and Ida Baalsrud, among others. In cooperation with Charlie Morgan, she released the album Unstill Life in 1991 on SPV Records. Tracks included The Monent, Unstill Life, Abuse and Empty Me. This album was also released in the USA on Radikal Records. During 1992, she released a non-album collaboration on maxi CD (SPV) with Ida Baalsrud, who both played the violin part and co-wrote If I Could; furthermore, there was also a remix of Our Darkness included on the last track of the CD. At the very end of 1992, in December, Charlie Morgan unexpectedly died of cancer at the age of only 36, which caused many planned collaboration projects to be abandoned.


Anonymous said...

It's funny how we all tend to think we're so cool in our 20's. I thought the same thing when I was a club kid. I got wrapped up in the whole grunge thing, since I was in the city where it started. I didn't know who Anne Clare is/was; but I do recognize the song playing on your sidebar.

Marc said...

I hate the 80s.

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