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Monday, March 2, 2009

25 random things

so this is really a facebook "crossover" tagg... have you checked your "notes" recently? the point is to write 25 random things about yourself, and tag 25 random people from your friend-list. i'm not tagging any blogs tonight - as i've already done so on fb ;0)
here goes:

1)i absolutely love chocolate
2)my nose was pierced but i stopped wearing anything there in 1989.
3)i have been doing aerobics with passion for 2 decades.
4)i was visited by ghosts in paris.
5)a hooker blew crack smoke into my face in amsterdam (i think it was a hooker)
6)i brought food to my best friend in the hospital every day for a month
7)sweetarts drive me ga-ga
8)i sang with a chorus for 4 years
9)i had a fast and furious fling with a very flirtatious bellman while checking into a hotel in fiji
10)i saw david bowie perform the lead in "elephant man"
11)i rented a room in san francisco from a delightful widow named lorraine lackey who had a toy poodle named boobalah
12)i had a poem published when i was 16
13)i have a half brother and a half sister
14)i don't ski
15)i adore st andre fromage
16)i travelled to palau and ate sashimi cut on the deck of a bareback charter
17)i followed a macrobiotic diet for a short time in the 80's
18)the stories of paul and jane bowles' lives made me swoon when i heard them- tangiers
19)stone fruits (and stone fruit season) are a part of my birthday celebration every year
20)i love "brothers and sisters"
21)i moved every year in my teens
22)been to australia 6 times
23)i have started 2 newsletters
24)i did a drag performance as marilyn monroe in 1976, and tripped and fell on my face
25)i realize there are times in my life that are impossible to recreate, and i wouldn't try even if i could. but i will remember them with joy and laughter and carry some lessons forward



Michele Benjamin RN, MSN said...

I loved your 25 random things!!!
I gave you an award today...see my post for today!

Sheria said...

I also love your list, I concluded some time ago that you were a person that I liked a great deal, but now that you put your love of chocolate at the top of your list, I'm certain that we could be best friends. I am also a fan of Brothers and Sisters.

I haven't been on fb for a bit, so I'm glad that you published your list here.

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