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Friday, May 22, 2009

this is how we do it

i got lifelubed this week.

what the hell is lifelube? in truth, i couldn't be more flattered. i have been following lifelube for quite some time now, and it has become one of my breaths of fresh air in cyberland.

the blog's focus is gay men's health, including but not limited to sexual health. considering the last 25 years of gay men's history, this is sorely underserved in a culturally competent manner. and lifelube is competent. there is a true admiration and affection for gay men in ways i don't even possess (probably due to internalized homophobia).

anyway, if you haven't seen lifelube, give them a visit. there is a connection to in depth research for rectal microbicidal research. given the state of the global state of AIDS, a lubricant with a virus killing agent may be one of the better hopes for squashing much of the pandemic.

currently there is a series on the blog title "how is ..... healthy?" here is my participation... "how is rod rushing healthy"

today's sound choice is montell jordan with "this is how we do it"



IRMA said...

Thanks for the love Rod! And we are delighted to have LifeLubed you and very much appreciate the great work YOU are doing... MWAH

jim de lifelube

Bigg said...

Thanks for turning me on to LifeLube - I was unaware!

absolutwillie said...

Awesome to see you LifeLubed!! This is so cool ;0)

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