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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


have been crazy busy the last few days. i scheduled an appraisal on my house for last saturday to facilitate upgrading the kitchen in my home. i had to reschedule the meeting until monday as friday brought a few unexpected developments. friday evening after work, i moved all my things from the closets and floors from the patio back into the house. subsequently on saturday morning, i moved them back out. the carpeting came, and the painting began.

so much had to be done and in so little time. hanging new drapes, changing hardware on the cabinets, painting the vanity in the bathroom, rehanging most of the art in the house, changing a light fixture in the kitchen, just to name a few. of course with the installation and the painting, not everything got finished. i made steak salads for everyone to again thank them for their support.

my house guests stayed an extra night. we woke up to most everything being not where it would eventually reside. the painting needed to be finished before things could progress. the carpeting looks fantastic and feels fantastic underfoot. the padding is thicker and there is a newness that is permeating the space. the hanging of the drapes was a catastrophe. the screws did not stay in the wall and pulled out. the sagging rod did not reflect anything but sadness and had to be changed. 2 hours of effort that lead to disappointment(and frustration).

a new patio set was purchase to add a room to the house. this was another 2 hours of construction and worked like a charm. but i stayed in the sun for those hours without a shirt and scorched my back, neckn, and upper arms. a new light fixture in the kitchen led to 1 1/2 hours of labor and did not end up fitting correctly, so had to be taken down and replaced with the original.

i touched up paint, rearranged paintings, moved a chair into all 3 rooms before it actually landed. my plants got scorched in the sunday sun, so i cut out the black spots and brought them back in. i was pooped... really pooped.

the appraisal came in at about 25K higher than last year. in this economic climate, i felt very happy about this. i spent about 4K and think this is a decent turnaround. after it was over, i have been exhausted. all that stress and those false starts and foiled projects really took a toll. i have struggled the last coupla days with just keeping my eyes open.

but i feel a sense of accomplishment inside, too. i love the changes that have taken place. the place feels more like mine. and i am looking forward to the changes yet to come. but damn i need to sleep.

today's sound choice is evanescence with a remake of nirvana's lithium


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