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Friday, August 28, 2009

magic love

We've been here before
Like a book I read
In the hall that leads to the door
My words hang in the air
When I spoke to you
I believe it's magic, magic"

i have really gone overboard and decided to have people over on sunday for lunch. i haven't really hosted anything in the 3 years i have lived here. my place is so small(only 716 sq. ft.) and it does not seem conducive to entertaining. but there's a decent sized back yard space, so am planning on using that, grilling a tenderloin, and just going for it. i also think it will be interesting for some different friends to meet each other- having my worlds collide as george costanza would put it and see what happens.

i have invited about 15 people, maybe a few more, some relatives, some from my work, and some from recovery. but i love them all.

it's a big step for me. and i need to start taking those. i thought i would share the menu or actually just get it organized. i still have some things around the house to get done. but i always have a to-do list, so that is no biggie.

cheeses- tallegio, leyden, and manchego (with membrillo)
bruschetta with red pepper and artichoke
homemade chips and tomatillo salsa

grilled tendorloin of beef w/bernaise or horseradish sauce
grilled salmon w/ bernaise or cucumber dill yogurt
grilled asparagus
apple coconut salad
warm red potato salad w/balsamic vinaigrette
quinoa and black bean salad

poppy seed cake w/lemon custard and raspberry preserve filling

cheese pizza for the kids ( and a slip n' slide) and plenty of izze for everyone.

i have been having so much fun planning this. i hope that i can have enough done to allow me time to visit with my guests. my sponsor is coming along with some friends and family, some neighbors, and some people from work. all are people who are integral parts of my life and i am grateful for them.

i hope this finds you having a fantastic weekend. i anticipate that mine will be filled with being busy, cooking with love, and spoiling friends. friendship is the magic love. friendship makes birthdays worth celebrating.

today's sound choice is "magic love" by bent



Java said...

Wow! That sounds, on the one hand, very exciting, and I hope you have a fantastic time.

On the other hand, the very idea of doing something like this totally freaks me out. I cannot do that kind of socializing these days. Maybe some day in the future, but I'm not ready for it now.

Sheria said...

As usual, I'm reading your entries out of order, so I know that the luncheon went well. That's no surprise given the obvious joy bubbling in your heart as you were preparing to share sustenance of the body and the soul with your friends. "friendship is the magic love" is such a beautiful observation.

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