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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


i went to a business meeting yesterday which lasted about 3 hours. when i left, i went to the parking garage and my car wouldn't start. i had exactly 1 hour to run two errands before i had an afternoon full of appointments and then had to go to my second job.

i decided to rent a vehicle and deal with the car later. it worked out but there were several bumps in the road. as a matter of fact that was a lesson for me today. no matter what the plan, there are bound to be bumps. and it's not the bumps that will send me into orbit, but my reactions to them, or should i say overreactions?

learning to trust, having faith, pausing, waiting to see.... these are all things i work on actively, but find they don't come naturally. i almost always have to remind myself. it's frustrating, but it is definitely worth the effort.

just some notes about today because it was clunky, it seemed wrong sized as if it had shrunk in the dryer. bumps in the road... all it seems to be done is taking them in stride.

and i thought it a good idea to share with any readers who are new to this process of getting clean or finding recovery. it is no different. there are bumps in the road. our emotions, things don't going according to our plan, our desires to use not always being gone- these are bumps and should be expected along with others. this makes this journey treacherous, and sometimes very tedious. but that doesn't mean it isn't worth it. ask anyone who's made it..

i found this song searching on youtube. i haven't heard him before. it seems strangely familiar. i like the lyrics- a lot. i will have to do a little research. in the not-so-meantime enjoy erik hassle with "bump in the road"


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