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Monday, January 18, 2010

elements of life

i spent the evening with a friend who happens to do astrological charts. he was discussing this year's changes as mercury passes again through retrograde and neptune changes houses. he amazes me as he seems to have a handle on the nuances of that upcoming for him in the next few years. he is captivating to listen to as he is obviously inspired by his understanding and looks to it for a bit of guidance.

the conversation turned to me- naturally i turned it in that direction and he pulled up my chart and started parlaying some concepts and ideas that i had not even been considering at all. whether or not there is concrete validity or this is simply age old fabling, i am delighted to consider it as there is more wisdom handed down through generations than is actually heeded. i don't know how this information can actually change anything, however i do believe that acceptance of situations is key.

so my friend was talking about the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter conjunction that is actualizing currently. Some will phase out later next month, but some will continue until 2012. After listening to him and reading some of these articles, i realize that there is a good possibility that much of this could be borne true. of course, all of it could be deemed too general and not specific enough, but personally i have had way too much cynicism in my life.

certainly, a little late on gathering information here, here is a post from march of 2009 that discusses what is only being revealed to me at this moment.  i am still highly interested as my future seems not clear to me today. i waffle incessantly between trusting the future and trying to snag control. i guess that much of this perspective, all well outside my norm, adds much impetus to the idea that there are larger forces at work.

of course, i did some research on my own, and found that what he speaks of is common knowledge in astrological circles. here is some plain english about just some of the ideas. here is another link that i found interesting. the author has two posts that lay out some changes ahead.  happy reading on this lovely 3-day weekend..

i return to simple loves now with today's sound choice. here is tiesto with "elements of life". if there is one major experience that vibrates as ancient to me, it's being on the dance floor simply absorbing the sound and the same-ness.



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