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Monday, August 25, 2008

pitt stop

on the plane to dc, i saw a commercial for the new coen brothers' film called "burn after reading" and i chuckled out loud. but the reason i smiled so inside, was the clips of brad pitt. i have liked him for awhile now, and not just for the beauty he projected in "a river runs through it". i also loved him in "johnny suede", "12 monkeys", and "true romance". he had character parts in those films, and i think that might be what he does best. and it looked like he's having fun again..

the coens are notoriously clever and incredibly brilliant filmmakers, so no doubt it will be smart. frances mcdormand is naturally in there, and george clooney is joining them for yet another time. coen-nation first timers john malkovich and tilda swinton round out the follies. here's a lttle overview of the insanity.

anyway, i thought a lighter post was overdue...dc is beautiful as always. much muggier than denver. i found myself wising denver luck as i was shuttling outta town. this week is a very big deal for her. here are a coupla photos you might not see on the 7 o'clock news. peoples press collective

love ya, mean it!!!

As you can imagine, whatever film the Coen Brothers decided to make after the tour de force that was No Country for Old Men was going to get some attention. It is only natural, seeing as No Country only solidified for most of the world what many of us already know — those Coens know how to make a damn good movie.

Their next damn good movie is tentatively titled Burn After Reading. It stars John Malkovich as a malcontent former CIA agent who decides to write some national secrets into his memoirs. His wife, played by Tilda Swinton, decides to steal these secrets but mistakenly hands them over to two half-witted gym employees, played by Brad Pitt and Frances McDormand. When the two conspire to sell the information to pay for the latter’s plastic surgery, the CIA sends in another agent, played by George Clooney, to sort it all out to whatever end necessary. It is a concept that absolutely reeks of comedy, the devious kind of comedy that the Coens have been delivering for years. rest of article here


Java said...

The Coen brothers are a special kind of genius. This one looks really good!

A Bear in the Woods said...

I decided that Brad Pitt was a good actor after I saw him in the role of Jesse James. He was great in that.
Have you ever seen the Coen bros. musical, Romance and Cigarettes? It's hysterical.

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