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Friday, November 7, 2008


i now see (once again) i'm getting older. another fad has been happening around me without even a simdgeon of my awareness. it's been termed the "rickroll" and here's what i know.

the ever charming absolutwillie posted a vid of images of barack whose voice had been cut and dubbed to mimic the lyrics of the rick astley song "never gonna give you up".

mvtema's site has this posted on its list of music award nominees. rick astley had been nominated for best act ever....

Rick Astley
With his rich and deep voice, Rick Astley has sold in excess of 19 million records and has a string of 8 consecutive number 1s under-his-belt, all of which can be found on his latest album, Rick Astley – The Ultimate Collection. In 1987, Rick Astley released ‘Never Gonna Give You Up,' which spent five weeks at the top of the British Charts, making it the year’s biggest selling single, as well as topping the charts in over 16 countries. It recently became the most viewed pop video of all time on YouTube with over 21 million views to date due to the unstoppable phenomenon of ‘Rickrolling.’

then today i found this article posted on wired: it's over

silly, but i've loved every minute....and keep rollin', click on the vid to see what's the latest with prop 8 in california....

and if you want a little more rick- just click the imeem arrow in the sidebar...



absolutwillie said...

but i love "together forever" *lol*
i'm just a big old closet Rickroller...

Marc said...

He's a great dancer too. I wonder how he spends his time these days.

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