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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

new year's day

last night i worked for a client that i have been working for since i came back to denver (about 5 years). when i was struggling with my own self-determination and stumbling in getting clean, she offered me her friendship, kind words, and periodic income. i know that she had me come over to work, when she didn't really need me or have that much for me to do.

needless to say, she has a special place in my heart. standing beside her always in kindness was her husband is her architect husband who is somewhat of a local celebrity. his father was a very popular senator here in colorado and he worked hard to earn a reputation as being creative, talented, and a truly nice guy.

he had a massive heart attack after skiing on new year's day and left our realm. last night was the memorial service, one at the large lutheran cathedral and then one at their home. about 250 or so people came by the house to pay their respects and to move just a little closer to acceptance that their beloved friend has departed.

it was one of the best parties i remember in a long time. people were jammed into an outdoor tent that had been lined with the handmade turkish rugs that peter collected. they framed the entire tent, as well as each framing a blown up version of selected family favorite photographs of peter. some great yet easy food had been displayed and a mike was set up for people to share their stories. and share they did. for about 2 hours, one by one, people got up and shared their personal tales of their love and commitment to their now deceased friend.

there were words, there were poems, and there was live music. all was full of laughter with tears, and tears with laughter rolled up with love. my eyes welled up a couple of times with compassion. i think it will most likely be a long time till i see a celebration like this. i feel blessed to have been part of a ritual which truly heralds some joy (mixed with sadness) in this new year. i will remember long the entire room singing along with 3 of his best friends and the band doing a rendition of ben e king's classic.

today's sound choice is a global version of "stand by me"

thank you peter, for everything. but especially demonstrating a really wonderful and happy way to live.

wow! this year has already begun remarkably, and inauguration hasn't even happened yet...


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Awww, that made me cry. Sorry for your loss.

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