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Monday, January 12, 2009

what's that smell in the air

ben elliott of colorado's best beef company...

There's no mistake, I smell that smell,
It's that time of year again, I can taste the air
The clock's go back, railway track,
Something blocks the line again,
And the train runs late for the first time,

every january in denver, just after new year's, there is a ritual that has become more than habitual. it is the denver national western stock show.

just imagine if you will, that in your neighborhood, suddenly hundreds of heads of several different livestock, including cattle and horses, have arrived. they are staking a tent and spending a week, sleeping, waking, eating, living, and all the rest that goes along with that.

it always has a remarkable impact on the environment. when i first arrived in denver years ago, i used to find it completely offensive (big lala as i am). but it no longer bothers me. it has become part of the scenery. and the influx of new energy at this time of the year is somehow invigorating both to the small businesses around downtown, but also to the city and the region at large.

and i don't mind at all holding my breath on many an occasion for the 10 day period that the stock show lasts.

today's sound choice is my newly beloved sterephonics with "local boy in the photograph"


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Sheria said...

Your post made me recall my first visit to a dairy farm. I went on a field trip as a substitute for a friend who couldn't accompany her five year old daughter because she had a court case. As the youg lady's godmother, I volunteered to be her mommy sub for the day. twenty-five five year olds crowded into a barn where the cows were being milked. I was busy trying to breathe when one of the milkers looked at me and asked if I wanted to give it a try. I said no but all of the kids and the other parents were urging me on and I couldn't very well turn and run out of the barn, so I sat on the stool and followed directions, and gained about a teaspoon of milk in the bucket, the cow started mooing, kicked over the milk bucket and appeared to be quite agitated. I think it was my technique or lack of one. It may surprise you, but I've never attempted to milk another cow.

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