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Saturday, January 10, 2009

it's a sin

another labor of love has come out to bloom. i think this one is better than the last, and hope they continue to get stronger. so many thanks to so many people. i am learning so much along the way.

SIN Newsletter 4


today's sound choice is the pet shop boys "it's a sin"


Jeremiah Andrews said...

I read your newsletter. You have a great comprehensive system to care for those who are HIV positive. I wish we had that kind of system here, I do that kind of work on my own through the blog. I am very impressed with your programs.


Northwest said...

Excellent, excellent newsletter. And I'm impressed with the peer self--mgmt program you all are offering. You have a lot to be proud of Rod.

Sheria said...

The newsletter looks great; I like the positive messages of hope and the sense of active caring that comes through in the articles. Nice work on your Sin in the City column.

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