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Friday, January 23, 2009


all that drama yesterday and i'm back online. original number is routed and my new phone is up. i need to get a media card in order to do some of the things i want. as you can imagine, i really like music. i very much want to play pandora on it, because i have a station i am just crazy about. (btw- if you want me to forward my station to you, just leave a comment with your email and i'll have it out that day). the station i like the best is definitely chill.

anyway, the learning process of using this sexy little black box demonstrates my age. if i were decades younger, the agility and the basic grasp of how the technology works would be much more ingrained. but no matter, i am who i am. i've already downloaded facebook and my email accounts.

the funny part is how very out of my mind i was when i felt absolutely no control in the process yesterday. it was sincerely unsettling. i woke up and felt as if i hadn't slept and was possessed until i got things handled. and a scary part is that it was all handled without any effort from me. i got to the service shop and the problems were all resolved. insane with anxiety for 12 hours and no input needed. kinda like great sex with no orgasm.

had another meltdown today with a fellow committee member. we are developing a peer mentoring program and i am feeling nervous about the lack of participation by others. this other person is concerned with process and developing a mission and a plan. both are important, but my head felt as if it would explode. it didn't, of course, which may or may not be a blessing. but it did inspire me to ask for some help.

what is that saying- "the lord works in mysterious ways" i think my grandmother used to use that a lot. my higher power seemed to have operated today through a storm....

just for kicks, let's make today's sound choice a swedish theatre's version of "tornado" from the wiz..


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