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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

wake up everybody

You must be the change you want to see in the world.
Mahatma Gandhi

i had such a smooth as silk experience yesterday. i went to work, i watched the inauguration, i networked with a couple of colleagues outside the office, i met with a potential collaborator and discussed the possibility of new funding streams for recovery support, i proofed a flyer, i taught a dui class, and i overate some garlic hummus using pita.

of course this is a snippet of what is a typical day. nothing extraordinary really. i have grown accustomed to my life and my routine. i like most of what i do, and i don't have much time in the day to notice any dissatisfaction, which gives me comfort.

but i realize that i am going to have to change gears soon, if i am to fulfill a promise i have made to myself. i think that improvements in the way our little denver colorado world work could positively affect the lives of my fellow denverites. at least some of them. and i no longer have the luxury of complaining. i have changed my stance on complaining and i did that when i cast my vote. i am thankful that i no longer automatically feel helpless or that things are out of my hands. and with that change comes the reality that if i believe things could be better, i need to work for that.

so, i don't think my schedule will part like the red sea and make room for more effort, but i do think i need to start shifting my awareness to make room for stepping up the community service. as many of my readers know, i have been blessed to have doorways appear which i only have had to step through and like a light switch, my world has shifted and i have been able to shake hands with change. this is part of who i have become and i can't claim it as a talent. but it is part of the blessing bestowed and i must work with it.

be the change you want in the world... this may seem outrageous and old-fashioned, but for me, it seems the only next right move.

what a great and inspirational day our nation had yesterday. but i believe it is time to wake up. maybe i follow edith childs' lead. one voice. one mind. one effort can change a campaign, a city, a direction, and a destination. or at least the tone of any of those.

But during the campaign, "the little woman," Councilwoman Edith Childs, made an in-the-flesh appearance with her favorite presidential candidate. Dressed in a purple suit with her trademark hat, "a church hat" as Obama often refers to it, Childs joined Obama on stage at a town hall here to lead the crowd in her own rendition of "Fired Up! Ready to Go!"

"Fired Up! Ready to Go! Fired Up! Ready to Go!" Childs chanted in a singsong. (Obama's delivery usually has a little more punch.) Childs added a twist to her call this time, getting the crowd to repeat after her, "Obama! Obama! Obama!" and "Will be! Will be! Will be!" followed by "Our next! Our next! Our next!" and finally "Pres-ah-dent! Pres-ah-dent! Pres-ah-dent!"

Obama doubled over with laughter as Childs lead the crowd in the chant and hugged her after she finished.

today's sound choice is harold melvin and the blue notes doing "wake up everybody"


1 comment:

Sheria said...

Thanks for reminding me that change begins with the individual and grows with the joining of those individuals in achieving a common goal. Perfect song to accompany this entry!

BTW, my mama liked to wear church hats. :-)

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