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Sunday, January 4, 2009

we are marshall

From ashes to glory,
We made up our mind,
To rebuild the program,
That was left behind,
Some said we should quit,
It could not be done,
We've proven them wrong,
With the games we have won,

Let's raise our voices up to Heaven,
So they can hear us say the words,
We Are Marshall, we are driven,
To overcome the loudest thunder ever heard ...

i have a tendency to watch a few films repeatedly because they always seem to be on cable. i guess i may be a creature of habit, or uninspired, or maybe i have just come to like the messages of these films.

one of these is certainly not the type of film that i would normally drift towards, however, upon repeated viewing, it's one that i have come to actually love. and i believe on some level it serves as a metaphor for much of my life and the lives of many, many people i know.

this film is "we are marshall". based on a true story, it tells of the 1970 marshall university football team which as obliterated by an airplane crash while on their way home from an away game. the town's football team, many of its children, and its big pastime were swiftly and without conscience lifted to a place where no visible trace remains.

the story begins when a few remaining key members of marshall's football club try to restart the now buried football program. so many hurdles to overcome. so many hard memories to walk beside. but so vital if life is ever to return to a semblance of normalcy.

matthew mcconaughey and matthew fox head the cast(easy on the eyes at worst) and the feel good qualities that the film reflects validate in ways my own journey and mirrors the trials of many people living with hiv as well as many folks who are in recovery ( i use these examples as these are the ones i know best). sometimes the most challenging tasks are moving forward and letting love in.

today's sound choice is ryan parker's "we are marshall"


Java said...

I haven't seen this film, though the trailer looks interesting. I think I'm afraid of the grief and emotional turmoil I expect from it. I shall reconsider.

A Bear in the Woods said...

I think a huge amount of life in general consists of picking up the pieces and moving along. What matters is who we're moving along with and where we're headed.

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