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Monday, February 9, 2009

one voice

"A writer, a writer - - you know,
you should have this little
voice inside you saying "Tell
the truth, tell the truth....""

Quentin Tarantino

i watched the grammys last night, along with several million other americans. i am not sure if i am just getting old, but i thought the sound sucked. i doubt i could have enjoyed most of it less. when the "rap pack" and m.i.a. did their thing, i was astonished as how little i could hear. it sounded as if i was in a tunnel and needed a hearing aid. i guess the possibility also exists that i need a new television. guess i shoulda tried hulu.

but i know that best new artist went to adele and i am completely okay with that. she has an unmistakable voice and a style that is understated and very authentic. i salute her today. congratulations adele.

and i ask the producers to try to get their shit together because i don't think i can stand to sit through another soundless show.

until then, i will still support new music, old music, vintage music, cover versions, live versions, and filmed versions as much as i can.



Anonymous said...

I watched the Grammy's also. I turned it off at around 8:30 for the same reasons which you've stated. We're not getting old, the quality of music sucks ass! End of story. Pop music died in like 1997 (but it's decline started in the late 80's). Seriously, it did. I realize that the Grammy's cover many genres, but it's basically a salute to popular music.

Sheria said...

I didn't find the sound quality to be great but my sister's husband insists that it's because I need a better sound system for my television.

I'm a fan of Adele, I like the way she inhabits a song. you selected one of my favorites, Chasing Pavements.

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