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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the killing moon

Under blue moon I saw you
So soon you'll take me
Up in your arms, too late to beg you
or cancel it though I know it must be
The killing time
Unwillingly mine

it's so strange how this life works. i was feeling a bit strange last friday as i received a message that a job i had discussed seemed to be coming closer to reality. then yesterday, i received another message that stated the opposite. the funding had receded and there were more delays.

in all honesty, i am disappointed. but not that much really. i had been a little concerned because we are bringing this peer mentoring training to town at the end of march and i am already unclear about getting the time off. plus, i have become very accustomed to going where i want when i want and a more full time desk job would certainly cut into that freedom.

i hadn't made a decision either way, whether i felt comfortable with the prospect of this job or whether it would cramp my style and cause me regret. but no matter today, because the universe has relieved me of an immediate need for that dialogue. could this delay be more than chance? is it possible there is a better time for all this to harmonically converge? time will show me, no doubt.

today's sound choice is vintage 80's angst... but in a cover version. here is the killing moon by nouvelle vague.


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