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Friday, March 13, 2009

hippy hippy forward

Everybody goes to parties
They dance this mess around
They do the Shu-ga-loo
Do the Shy Tuna
Do the Camel Walk
Do the Hip-o-crit

Ah-Hippy Hippy forward Hippy Hippy
Hippy Shake, Hippy Shake

what a day yesterday was! so many things on the horizon and yet so many more steps to take. some of them are exciting and a few are definitely underwhelming. this most likely is life on life's terms. it's something i will also most likely spend the rest of my days getting used to.

the alliance that was formed to birth treatment education network has begun the process of buckling. the control queen in me is wanting to fret and obsess about it. it is, after all, almost a year of my life. but realistically, i know things have not been right for a while, and that a little distance and some retooling is long overdue. and then again, maybe nothing needs to be done. maybe this is what is to be.

i have received the prequel to a job offer that i have been coveting for awhile. this news came on crackberry just as i was finishing up a conversation with a new friend in regard to the first matter. mind you, this opportunity is grant funded and may last only one year due to funding streams, but the experience it offers and the networking that could ensue, along with the client interface, are hard to pass up. i have some forms to fill out and return and will hope to expect a tangible offer.

there is a huge drama swelling between the two funding entities in our midst here. it is frightfully political and overwhelmingly has very little to do with services for those in need. mostly it revolves around stewardship and and the contractual requirements of such. there are separate and distinct approaches to these crucial details and as we all have heard- that's where the devil can live. i am sincerely hoping that the cowboy and native(very pc ya know) routine will wane and some thoughtful remembrance of duty and purpose will prevail.

i encountered someone very late in the day who has been homeless for awhile. there were tales of comas, retired social security numbers. evictions from hospitals left for dead, migration, robbery at knife point while camping at the river, cancer, aids, nodding out in the park after chemo and racking up charges, unsubstantiated claims of forgery, hep c, and more actually. spending only under an hour with this person left me feeling drained, somewhat bruised inside, and perplexed as to the nature of so much "bad luck".

today's sound choice is vintage b52's with "dance this mess around"


1 comment:

Sheria said...

Wishing you success with getting the new job!

Control queen? Not you too! I have to remind myself it's all about not only remembering to breathe but taking the time to exhale as well.

I've had similar experiences with people who are completely down on their luck as your encounter with the homeless person, a litany of bad luck events that seem detached from reality. I've decided that perhaps their reality is so bad that creating an alternate reality, where the horrors are immeasurable, is the only way that they can cope with their real horrors.

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