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Sunday, April 19, 2009

as the rush comes

There´s a coldness in the air
but I don´t care...
(Embrace me... surround me)

Travelling somewhere
could be anywhere
there´s a coldness in the air
but I don´t care
we drift deeper
life goes on
we drift deeper
into the sound

there has been a luxury to this weekend. i am actually engaging in rest which has seemed a distant relative for so long. and it is with amazement that i have napped, i have watched film, i have taken naps, and i have snacked.

i have made some headway with some efforts as well. ten has moved closer to filing for its nonprofit status. i put down my sword for awhile today with progress in mind. i'm sure much of it is due to the swell of much needed relaxation that was necessary. the website for ten should be finished within a coupla days. you can check it out at

i am typing this on saturday night after watching "grey gardens" on hbo. it is a dramatic re-enactment of the bouvier-beales that were the subject of the original documentary by that same name. also with that name was the estate in the east hamptons that the mother-daughter duo inhabited for most of their later lives. the hbo film was quite stunning, and i felt the performances (jessica lange and drew barrymore) were tender and poignant.

one of the most appealing aspects of the film is the uncomfortability in watching these characters who are obviously a bit dotty plod through their lives without a real vision and without much obvious fear. they are completely intelligent, well mannered, and more than slightly off their rockers. the appeal for me is knowing how very much like them i have felt and indeed must be. crazy is in the eyes of the beholder. i know that there have been times that i have been convinced of feelings and ideas that have no connection to reality, and yet my perception of the world at those moments are totally influenced by crazy.

today's sound choice is a tiesto remix of motorcycle doing "as the rush comes"



Marc said...

I really like "Crazy in the eyes of the beholder." You should use that as a status update.

Sheria said...

A friend once told me, "We're all crazy; it's just that most of us don't know that we're nuts."

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