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Friday, April 3, 2009


i am hanging at home just relaxing tonite. i have been channel surfing between beauty shop and broken hearts club. every time i watch broken hearts club, i find myself becoming enamored with timothy olyphant all over again. i know he's not family, but somehow his sensitivity touches something internal for me. or maybe it's maternal or paternal.. i don't know. i just think he's a dreamboat. and i happen to like that film a lot. there is so much sweetness there(especially considering it's a story about gay men).

i bought a book by the name of "mississippi sissy" the other day. i just haven't started reading it yet.

i have felt overwhelmed as of late, most likely due to the changes in work that are at my feet. am trying to keep it all in stride. i am hoping to get back on track before the end of summer.

there is a "medusas" reunion in chicago may 2 and have been considering going back. it will be good to see some folks and may be a long time until i have a chance like this again. i have been working quite diligently for the last few months. and yet i hesitate.

today's sound choice is a-1 with "caught in the middle"


1 comment:

Java said...

I discovered the sexiness that is Timothy Olyphant a couple of years ago. He is a dreamy one, isn't he?

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