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Saturday, April 4, 2009


i had an incredibly easy day today... well not really until after 10am... but it did get easy. my mother came by, we hung out for a short while, then went to see a 60's psychedelia poster exhibit at DAM, and followed by going to see "sunshine cleaners". (how can one not love Amy Adams?)

the exhibit was interesting in that it had paired and displayed most of the san francisco concert poster artists together and it was much easier to discern trends and inspirations- some were maori, some were deco, some were cubist, etc... and they had an apartment setting-(although much larger than most haight-ashbury apartments) with tables to make your own art. i had to laugh because there was an old phone booth installation in the bohemian love pad which featured dial phones. there were several young ones who were fascinated with the concept of dial phones.

the film was lovely. in it we find amy adams, emily blunt, and alan arkin working in tandem to deliver the quirkiness and dysfunction of an american family. i found its simplistic approach endearing and the slow timing effective. this family is always trying to pull itself up from disaster and history keeps repeating. i guess i relate to that concept in odd ways. this day was definitely a band-aid for me.

today's sound choice is a song i have been looking for since i heard it in a film. it's from step up 2 and is performed by a woman named laura izibor. this is a live version and you may want to turn up the volume a little. it's much less polished than the film version. this song is called "mmm" and i think it's beautiful.



bwyman said...

Heh, I have to laugh -- I'm one of the guys who dreamed up those phones. They work great and people love 'em except we're seeing that visitors under a certain age have no idea how to use them... We worked pretty hard to make all of the natural parts work -- real payphones, the rotary dial, the handset, etc -- all the while we never considered that we'd maybe gone a little *too* old-school.

Ah well, glad to hear that you had a great time at the museum.

Sheria said...

I really like Laura Izibor. I heard her on the radio one day and I nearly stopped my car to listen fully, but figured that wouldn't be a good idea on the interstate. This is one mmm good song.

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