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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

chillaxin.... the plan

Chillaxin....A mixture of Chillin' and Relaxin'.

"I'm not doing anything. I'm just sittin' on the deck chillaxin and listening to Back To Mine".

Back to Mine is a series of mix albums, usually (though not always) mixed by renowned DJs or composers of electronic music. The compilations usually feature artists other than the artist compiling the album, and are based on what the artist would play at home after a night out, rather than as part of a nightclub session.
The first volume was released in February 1999 by DJ Nick Warren. Since volume seven, the albums have borne the subtitle "a personal collection for after-hours grooving". Back to Mine is published by the Dance Music Collective.

this is an attempt at a series of posts for me. it's reason is twofold... in search of more balance in my life, i am going to work(ha)on relaxing more- especially on sundays. so this series will ideally come on sundays, but not today perhaps.

secondly, i just got a new 28 cd set from dmc called "back to mine" which is a compliation set of favorite chill music of musicians and dj's. the concept of "back to mine" is based upon a night out at the clubs and as the party winds down, someone pops up and shouts "hey, let's go back to mine" and proceeds to host the after party with their own favorite chill selection. thus the name.

i will feature a different cd each week from the collection for the next 28 weeks or so. as i do, i get the distinct pleasure of discovering new music each week myself, which readers will understand is a great thrill for me. there is no surprise that i am really looking forward to this adventure.

but also i am looking forward to intentionally kickin back on sundays and stretching my chillaxin muscles. i have always loved dj's, and the power of music. i probably always wanted to be a dj on some leve. no doubt that's one reason i have always added music to my posts. with this series, i guess i'll get to see that dj image in the mirror just a little closer.

and this aspect of my life could certainly be termed the after party. always holding some of the greatest fun, the after party is when the scope is narrowed and intimacy becomes more possible. and i really love the chill sounds. acid jazz, deep house, smooth grooves, electronica chill.. definitely joy resides here for me. i hope you will hear some new tunes that you love too.

this week's chillaxin sound choice is from 1999's back to mine.. danny tenaglia..(best known to me for "elements").. the sample song chosen is outside with "the plan/minty"

01. Gentle People
'Emotion Heater (Vocal Mix)' (Rephlex)
02. Yello
'To The Sea (Original Mix)' (Mercury)
03. Danny Tenaglia
'Loft in Paradise' (Maw Records)
04. Outside
'The Plan'/ 'Minty' (Dorado Records)
05. Herbert and Dani Siciliano
'Going Round' (Phonography)
06. Isolee
'Beau Mot Plage' (Classic Music Company)
07. Bang The Party
'Bang Bang You're Mine (Full Vocal Mix)' (Warriors Dance)
08. Kimara Lovelace
'Only You' (S3 / King St)
09. CeCe Peniston
'Keep On Walking' (A&M)
10. Roy Ayers
'Running Away' (Polydor)
11. Oleta Adams
'Rhythm of Life (Heavenly Edit)' (Mercury)
12. Crescendo
'Cairo (Duke Monster Mix)' (Radikal Records)
13. Sergio Mendes and Brasil
'66 'One Note Samba' / 'Spanish Flea' (A&M)


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