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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

haven't met you yet

one thing i never counted on with this particular journey was the onset of hope. for some reason (easily anhedonia) i believed that i already had my fun and that piece of life has passed me by. but the deeper i get into this the more i see that certainly that isn't true. good things are not over for me by a long shot.

i have been smiling from my heart on a regular basis. smiling about my friends, about my work, about my blogamis, about my health, about my life. this is amazing. really it is. in the past, i would find myself in cynicism and sarcasm most of the time (i think it was safer there for me). i would find fault with almost everything and would try very little that was new- because i had such a fear of failure. i always had to tag along with someone else in order to get new places as i didn't have the courage to make mistakes. today heralds a very different outlook.

i'm very very grateful for this. i no doubt will fail on several occasions, but i will also succeed once or twice as well. this shift in perception is nothing short of a miracle in my life.

silly post i suppose, but i feel as if i am never in too much gratitude about the blessings that surround my life. and then there are the wonders yet to be. and i have cultured faith to believe in those wonders. and hopefully the wisdom to realize they all may seem very small. (if you look closely in the above pic, you can see the behind of a deer)

today's sound choice is new michael buble with "i haven't met you yet"


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