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Friday, October 30, 2009


friday has finally arrived. i just finished throwing together a flyer for next friday's group. there will be more to follow, no doubt.  for some reason, this week has seemed to be incredibly protracted. i suppose it's the abundance of snow that we have been blessed with. i think i had a mini melt down shovelling. i felt pressured to get it done, because if it doesn't happen, and snow sits overnight on a sidewalk or stairs, then ice replaces it and is much harder to manage, and much more dangerous.

plus work has been incredibly slow as well. one main doc is out for vacay this week, so there are few appointments booked this lapse in activity did allow me time to work on some group agenda. i did find this completely helpful. halloween is upon us, and i have never really gotten into the spirit since moving to denver. i would guess that since it regularly snows here just at halloween annually, it dampers my perception and my mood. i just never wanted to trapse in a costume and snow boots.

i have some issues around procrastination and abundance i have to work on in the near future. i have found myself feeling that i lack the ability to do some things around my house. i don't think i feel i'm lazy, although i still hear my mother's voice telling me that in my head once in awhile, but more i find i feel inadequately equipped to do menial things, like plant bulbs, trim bushes, put things together. i have never noticed this before, but since i bought a place, it seems that i am learning this trait exists. but, as i tell my friends, i need to be happy i have some issues to work on. i fear it is when i am not working on something that i am susceptible to idiotic thinking and behavior.

october is closing. winter approaches. there is change underfoot. i am going to start doing some morning pages everday quite soon. i have felt blocked when i attempt to post and blocked in other parts of my life, too. i am content and i still feel challenged with finding comfort there.

today's sound choice is five for fighting with "chances". i really love the rolling notes on piano here.




Java said...

I really like that song! Like Five for Fighting anyhow, but haven't heard this one. I like it a lot.

Sheria said...

Where does that pesky procrastination gene come from? I have one too!

I want time to slow down! Everything seems to be moving too fast. I have bulbs to plant but I just can't seem to get aroud to doing it.

Really like this song. I like Five for Fighting, especially the song Superman.

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