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Sunday, October 4, 2009

just for today

Just for today:
I will strive to listen with an open mind to what I hear shared.

i love weekends. i get a chance to not be somewhere all day and night. it is not so relaxing as it is freeing. i spent yesterday doing a mish mosh of things, including buying a mirror to put behind the sofa, and a small chest of drawers for my bedroom. both are functional and a little over the top. i then took a 20 minute drive to pick up some end tables i had ordered from scandinavian design, only to discover i hadn't brought my wallet.

before all this self-involved nesting, i went to a meeting. it is customary to acknowledge a clean anniversary for a whole week in order to let newcomers know that the program works and people are moving through life without using. at this particular meeting were 2 people that are integral parts of my work.

one is a former client from a previous workplace. i met him as he was released on jail on probation and was struggling with almost every aspect of his drug use. he certainly has moved through many of his struggles, and it was really good to see him. he share that he had 34 days clean and was trying to work with a sponsor and actually do the work. this is a year and a half since i've seen him and the movement he has made may seem tiny, but he is working, he has an apartment, and he is not using every chance he gets. this truly is progress. and if you haven't heard... it's progress not perfection that is recovery.

the second person is currently someone i am working with. it's a tender working relationship as i have known him for almost 20 years in an acquaintanceship capacity. he has spent years overusing and self-medicating and seems very stuck in his current daily pot use which renders him unable to live life on life's terms. he finds himself without the ability to finish small tasks nor make very healthy decisions. when i first began working with him, he was smoking crack with a "buddy" about once a week, and this friend was raiding his pantry and his wallet on a regular basis, but he says he has let that recreation go. oh my, the things we do for love.

anyway, seeing both of them yesterday reassured me that there is still much for me to do. the direction i am travelling is just where i am supposed to be. i know these guys and their individual struggles well. and that is what is beautiful about working with others for me. i can take the things that i am most ashamed of in my own life and transform them into empathy and compassion.

this is a truly the miracle of my current life. and i am happy to report, that just for today, i can attest to the fact that miracles to happen.

i have also had a long standing relationship with electronica. it may be less melodic, but it speaks to my imagination in ways that lyrics and a chorus just don't reach. today's sound choice is hybrid with "just for today." hybrid resides in the uk and although they haven't had the commercial success of bt or moby here in america, in europe they are always selling out shows and simply inspiring dreams and creating magic in my eyes (and ears).



Java said...

It's all good!

Sheria said...

I know nothing about electronica but I like the variety of your musical selections. I've heard so m any compositions on your pages that I would have never discovered on my own.Music r eally is universal; listening to music is a whole body abd spirit experience. BTW, I also love weekends; it's my time to explore and renew.

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