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Thursday, February 25, 2010

carrying the light

Friedrich Nietzsche:

And we should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh.

i was born into a family of comics. not professional comedians, but a tribe of folks who muffle and sensor their emotions with humor. i learned to laugh at a very early age, and i learned to make others laugh at about the same time. i also have been journeyman-trained in many techniques to make another bust a smile or guffaw or something in-between. and  when i went out on my own, i gravitated to another family of clowns. many of these wonderful souls are still friends today. and we still share this gift of light and laughter and usually infect those around us.

this has always been something i have been very natural at and has been a source of pride as well. i can actually say it's something i am pretty damn good at.

this skill has come in handy on many occasions for me. it can help ease the tension in a diverse range of situations. it can break the ice in a new social surrounding. it can cut through the communication breakdowns in a multitude of possible scenarios, including language barriers, racial and cultural chasms, and age or generational distance.

people, in general, love to laugh. they more than like it, they truly enjoy it. there is a chemical release in the brain that eases much more than just the moment. it softens perception. it cools things down. i am thrilled this is part of my toolbelt that i bring to my daily life. i have seen its wonder and magic in action almost every day.

i have been with others who aren't of the same skillset and it only strengthens my position on gratitude for this particular tool. i prefer to be known as a fool or a joker than a tool and a prick. i have made serious efforts to reel in the subject matter i use for humor. before my sobriety, much of my humor was dark and i offhandedly would create laughter at the expense of another with nary a thought. today, however, i take pause before throwing a quip out into the space around me. i want to put out good energy and make room for good to return.

and when i pass, i would be very content with an urn or a tombstone or an epitaph that read "he carried the light"

today's sound choice is an oldie but a fave of mine. here is hybrid with "finished symphony". i honestly believe this song carries the light as well. the feeling i get transcends traditional "pop music" and lifts me to a higher place.

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