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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Now you know this just don’t make no kind of sense

Walkin’ ‘round here so intense

You make my heartbeat

You make me feel so weak

Movin’ all around

From my head to the ground

You make my heartbeat

You make me feel so weak

‘Cause everything you said

Went right straight to my head
i have been swimming in this sea of nostalgia for quite some time now. anyone on my fb pages knows that the 70's have had some intoxicating allure for me as of late. but on this valentine's day, i wanted to share one of the songs that ushered in the 80's for me. i was hangin out with my friend katie a lot and we used to close down the clubs and head to columns to dance until sunrise. this is one of the tunes that used to carry us from club to club and night till noon.

today, i run around just as much making a different kinda scene. it's just as exciting for me, and filled with more love. as part of my daily reprieve, i get to work with people who are in the throes of necessary change in their lives. and i get to witness some actually making those tough decisions that lead to true change. it's just as much fun as working it all out on a dance floor. ( well maybe....)

happy valentines day..
may love walk through your door and never leave..

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