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Sunday, March 14, 2010

dna identifies carl frazier's killer

i am very happy to report that the blessings of modern science and technology have brought closure to a family and his friends this week. i received a note on facebook from carl fraziers sister and have asked permission to reprint it. i am still deciding whether to include it in the next newsletter, but certainly include it here, as i have posted a few other items referencing this. you can read those earlier posts here. a friend of mine, and a then transplant to colorado was murdered in july 2008 in a parking are and left to die in the street. there were rumors about the circumstances and many more questions than there were answers.

subsequently, i befriended his sister who has been struggling with grief and loss since this all happened. she graced me enough to reach out and share some of her thoughts and feelings, and we met that year at holiday time to visit the spot where carl left us. it made my heart smile to hear the news from the police investigation. and i could tell the beginnings of a very heavy burden lifted. and i am quietly thrilled to say "please carl.... rest in peace"

here is the note from kathy about this development....

The call I’ve been praying for literally every day for the past 20 months finally came this week. The Denver Police have identified the person who murdered my brother. The story behind this tragedy is a sad reminder that there is no promise of any tomorrows. It makes me thankful that Carl seized every opportunity he had to travel and meet new people. Yet, it also reminds me that my little brother ran out of time far too soon.

The night my brother was murdered, he had the misfortune of meeting someone who he thought he could trust and didn’t realize what a mistake he had made until it was too late. He agreed to give someone a ride that ended up costing him his life. Carl had no way of knowing that this person was a convicted felon who hadn’t been out of prison very long before he and Carl crossed paths. This man had a history of increasingly more violent crimes in his life that started with burglary and aggravated assault and escalated to murder…the murder of my brother. At some point during their time together, this man revealed to Carl that his intent was to rob him. When Carl realized what was happening and tried to get away, this man panicked and shot Carl. This man knew the neighborhood and knew he could get away from where he took Carl without anyone noticing him – he knew he could run and blend in with the surroundings.
I’ve always been a firm believer in karma and never have I witnessed it played out as poetically as it did in the case of my brother. We now know that this thug met the same violent ending as he put my brother through. My brother’s murderer was killed less than two weeks later in July 2008 in a shootout that was less than a mile from where he killed Carl. This idiot was in the middle of a drug deal/robbery that quickly went bad and was killed by other thugs.

The police let us know that Carl’s murder was solved 100% because of solid lab work based on the evidence they found in Carl’s truck. Thanks to the Colorado laws, anyone who is sentenced to jail time is required to have their DNA added to the law enforcement database, which meant this thug’s DNA came up as a match when Carl’s information went into the system. While it has taken an incredibly long time to match everything, between the DNA, the gun found on the killer when he was found dead at the scene of the gun battle, and statements from his family, the police were able to conclude that he was indeed the man who murdered Carl. They’ve been diligently piecing this together for 20 months. God bless the Denver police for sticking with it. Finally, they were able to get answers to enough of the questions that were surrounding his murder and the scene of the crime that it all fit together and pointed toward one man as being responsible.

So, Carl’s murder case is finally solved and family and friends don’t have to go through the pain of a trial….karma decided what was to be considered a fair and equitable judgment for this man.

For me personally, this provides some of the answers I needed and gives me a face to the evil that took my brother from me. I don’t have to worry whether or not this man is ever going to be out on the streets again to hurt someone else. I still don’t have my brother, but at least I feel like we were able to make sure his killer wasn’t still out there living his life when Carl couldn’t.
I want to thank you for being there for Carl and for us. I seriously understand why you meant so much to Carl and I’m so grateful that you were part of his family, too. It gives me great comfort knowing that Carl had such good people in his life.


today's sound choice is actually a playlist i found on the soundcloud site. it is a complilation of chill music posted by a cat named senor dick. i thought chill would best represent how i feel after all this. and i hope everyone i know will find some of this same feeling today. peace....

here is "senor dick" and his soundcloud sample:

Senordick031309 192k by Señor Dick

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