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Thursday, April 29, 2010

loving kindness and harm reduction from seattle's strength over speed

In the early summer of 2005, Strength Over Speed (SOS) began with a group of peers who graduated from Project NEON’s crystal meth recovery program and other community supporters. At that time, there were few options for gay and bisexual men seeking alternatives to 12-step programs or treatment center aftercare groups.
Some guys were apprehensive about the 12-step format, as many people wanted to just talk to each other about individual paths of recovery but could not under the no-cross-talk guidelines. SOS groups are open discussion and sharing groups.

Many members attend both SOS and 12-step groups. As peers in recovery, we can provide emotional support and mentorship to individuals who are at an earlier stage of recovery. We have empathy and understanding for one another and can share our personal experiences with how we overcome challenges to maintain our recovery. We believe that as Peers we can support each other in our journey thru life after facing our addiction to Methamphetamine.

We do not promote one path of recovery over another.

We find that there is a genuine interest within the groups to engage in real discussion around issues of sex and sexual identity, HIV/ STDs and how we begin to see ourselves again. There are times that we speak openly and frankly on other issues such as emotions, housing options, isolation and relationships, all of which can be reclaimed.

Therefore gay and bi sexual men who want to recover from crystal use or addiction need to believe that recovery and an alternative lifestyle are possible.

When A Friend Has A Drug Or Alchohol Problem

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