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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


i have been a counselor for a few years now and i have noticed a shift in my strategies with clients. i used to work very hard to help the client see something new for themselves. this is not so much a focus of mine these days. i have shifted to assisting the client in seeing where they are and reminding them of hope in general.

i don't know if this seem clear, but it is a distinct shift in focus and i have come to believe that hope is paramount in getting clean. all the other emotions come and go, but if there is not a connection to hope, the likelihood of success or even movement dwindle.

most of the guys i work with have the same emotional challenges, but they are layered quite differently with each individual. it's almost like the hundreds and hundreds of plaid patterns that exist. they are all plaid, and yet they are each unique with color, band width, specific pattern, and even texture. it's rarely the same.

i am learning to really appreciate the subtle difference in color and pattern in plaids. i am realizing there is so much i have not understood until now. it is a fantastic and colorful  journey.


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