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Sunday, September 14, 2008

somethin to talk about

september is national recovery month and all across the land, cities and townspeople will be gathering in small numbers to support the idea of recovery. for way too long, the problems of addiction, alcoholism, and the drug wars have hogged the spotlight in our hearts and minds.

all the while, the cool fresh breeze of recovery has been wafting in and out of our lives with hardly the bat of an eyelash. but now it seems appropriate (at least to me) that focus shifts from the problem to the solution, however that looks to you.

what i know is that recovery happens. people recover. lives are restored. addictions wane, folks return to work. laughter and smiles come back to broken households and families. bills get paid. mortgages get attended to. new homes get purchased. volunteerism flourishes.

i wholeheartedly encourage each and every one of you to look into advocating for recovery in your areas. work not only with other addicts, but work with those affected by our issues too. employers, hr departments, police departments, city officials.

recovery is good business.

here is the organization i am proud to be associated with here in denver.

Every year, towns, counties, and states around the country observe National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month (Recovery Month) in September. This year, the 19th annual Recovery Month recognizes the impact that real people and real stories have on recovery, and celebrates those who have worked to advance the treatment and recovery landscape.

In 2008, we are highlighting the people for whom treatment and long-term recovery have given a renewed outlook on life. We invite you to take part in our theme, "Join the Voices for Recovery: Real People, Real Recovery," and spread the word that addiction is a medical illness and that treatment is effective and recovery is possible. By getting involved, you can help more people on a path of recovery to lead more fulfilling lives. read the rest of "recovery month toolkit" here

1 comment:

isabella mori said...

what a lovely post! really nice to meet you here (via marc "le trash whisperer", i presume)

happy recovery month! celebrations!

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