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Sunday, October 26, 2008

human nature

i went to see "the duchess" yesterday and was immediately struck by the costuming. quite well done and very memorable. but moreso for me was the storyline. georgiana was less than eighteen when she married her duke and spent the next several years working on producing an heir.

her life, however, although seeming to go according to plan, actually followed a path which seemed to turn sharply at every bend. she began to feel desire for more than she had. perhaps it was the need of some validation for her internal feelings outside her traditional role. deciding to follow her heart, she befriended a woman who spoke to this desire and highlighted her more sensual side. this friend subsequently trampled her heart, more than lightly,and a very bittersweet adventure ensues, finding her heart at once filled immensely and left void of hope.

there are twists and turns in the story and it thoroughly makes for an entertaining couple of hours. not at all a life changing story for me, it was however, a reminder that sometimes the things we covet the most are also very connected to slippery slopes we can soon find ourselves on. our hopes can often be very much connected to a downward spiral. our dreams can lead us to our demise.

the question is- does that make the journey worth taking?


butterflies said...

I think its all about the journey,not the destination.
Someone asked me when my husband was dying..if I knew that he would die after only 5 yrs together would I have still have married him..
Of course my answer was YES.He taught me so much and we loved greatly.
He was also a 20 yr meth user and had been sober 5yrs when we met.
So I believe I helped him complete his journey.

Marc said...

Does WHAT make the journey worth taking?
Don't you mean does the fact that it may end badly mean the journey is NOT worth taking?
Does it make any difference what we answer, since we're taking the journey anyway?
I bought the book "The Duchess" and read some of it on the plane. Her life was so much bigger than the movie.

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