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Friday, October 24, 2008

in my life

the approval for my contract with the state came through late last week. i have been so busy that i haven't had a chance to consider how (if at all) it will change how i do what i do. no doubt there will be changes.

it will be good to have some financial help to cover expenses that i have taken on. my contract is for "linkage to care" and consists of referring hiv positive folks to services that they were unaware of previously. i think that the expectation is to refer 4 persons a month. i am clear that i have to know that my efforts are valid whether or not i can document linkage (although i am certain i will be able).

this means fuel can be reimbursed, phone bills can be helped, paper and ink purchases will be covered, and incentives might be ascertained. i am humbled at the onset, and i hope to continue down this path.

it also means i won't necessarily have to work every dinner party that comes my way, and i am shaving down my hours at the day job (actually to 4 days). i am gonna get more time for warrior scout.

on a lighter note, i am going to the gym today and going to a saturday meeting which i haven't been to in months, then going to see "the duchess" with my mom. a little downtime and distraction. and hopefully some laughs.

speaking of laughs- check out poz peter's post "wassup" in the sidebar today....

today's sound choice in sidebar- in my life by bette midler

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