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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

just the faqs 'mam

i don't think she needs to kiss and tell...

the denver planning council is currently commissioning a website for denver (and colorado) which will act as a resource for most things hiv. we are excited about the artwork and about the increased visibility of wellness and access to care in our neighborhoods.

we have to compile a list of faq's (frequently asked questions-with the answers) for the site to help all the lookie loos and information searchers.

i am asking for your input on faqs and their accompanying answers. of course, we will never think of them all. we would love it if you would submit both questions and answers for any you can think of or know off hand. don't worry about duplication. we will sort that out.

example: q) what is the difference between hiv and aids? a) hiv is a virus which can infect a person and begin replication while aids is a condition in which the immune system has become weakened and compromised as a result of hiv replication in the body.

thank you...

and this vid is from towleroad today. robocalls sent out allegedly by a ficticious lgbt organization in support of a democratic candidate for senate.... watch or view the entire post here


1 comment:

Marc said...

If this was 1989, it would be one thing, but there are SO many HIV sites/info out there that aren't you reinventing the wheel by coming up with your own FAQs? Sound like much duplication of efforts made already.
I might focus on "10 biggest myths about HIV" or "Did you know..." that would clear up misconceptions...

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