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Monday, October 13, 2008


image credit: marc olmsted

“But then the Roman Empire fell like this- "oh shit". And we went into what the historians called the Stupid Fucker period. Where everyone was going -"er, I dunno. Is that a Roman road? Can we eat it?" Then there was the dark Ages. " I can't even see you! Where are you?"”
Eddie Izzard

somehow, amidst all this political posturing, stone-throwing, jockeying, and mudslinging, i think there is something that most of the americans (and american wanna-bes) have in common.

i know that there are small minded folks doing some name calling and wielding accusations of traitorous acts and treachery. i know that naive ones are claiming to know much much more than they actually do.

i still believe that there are great ideals and people in this country. i believe that the opportunities afforded us here are far greater than the ones i might have living in another country. i know that being a gay man, i much prefer being who i am between these shores than on the african continent. i believe my suffering is real, but nothing compared to what i might experience elsewhere.

i can hate and i can criticize those who hold opposing beliefs, but i also know that on some level that makes me no different than those i have no taste for.

i must get myself to the place where i appreciate the discourse, no matter how ridiculous it seems. i must take responsibility for being a part of any problem as much as i must be an active part of any solution. i must be aware that no matter how savvy our culture thinks it is, our human nature has a way of repeating its foils and its history books are rife with proof.

And most of all, i must believe that no matter what happens, that we will find ourselves on a better path. that situations will improve, the lives of the majority of humans will get better, become less painful and difficult. our troubles are great indeed, but we are still living with gold-plated problems if we look around our globe. can another gain, while i seem to lose some things, and can i be at peace with someone else making a gain?


Sheria said...

I am actively working on my own ressurection and I found your post yielded sustenance to my efforts. The world is flawed and harsh but it is also wondrous and inspired. You remind me that we are capable of feeling loss so deeply because we are capable of feeling love, and having loved deeply makes every pang of loss worth the hurt.

Java said...

"gold plated problems"
I like that. It certainly puts a different perspective on things.

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