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Saturday, December 6, 2008

new classic

Bliss can be a state of profound spiritual satisfaction, happiness or joy, often associated with religious ideas of the afterlife.

once in awhile, there is a cd that comes along that really rocks my world in some way. "quiet letters" by bliss is an example of such. it is actually a couple of years old, but the short compilation of songs still hold delight for me. it is a ambient masterpiece and can shift my mood whenever i hear it. for me, it has become a classic. i encourage you to check it out for yourself.

if you are looking for a gift for someone and may not quite be sure what to get them, i have no doubt this will be one not to forget.

here is what whiteswan music says about the cd:

Quiet Letters is a chill-out masterpiece with its captivating vocals, gentle percussion and gracious orchestration.

Deeply rooted in a fine collage of Western, African and classical musical influences, representing the vast musical backgrounds of the band, Bliss has inspired comparisons to Sade, Massive Attack and Ennio Morricone. Bliss is Steffen Aaskoven, Marc-George Andersen, Alexandra Hamnede, Salvador 'Tchando' Embalo, and features guest vocals by Sophie Barker from Zero 7.

Bliss is an international chill out pop music collective from Denmark, Sweden and Guinea-Bissau, West Africa. Since 2001, they have released material on the Danish label, music for dreams, appeared on more than 60 compilations worldwide and in such tv shows as csi: crime scene investigation.

Quiet Letters is Balearic, classic and mysterious, one of those albums that you have always been looking for without ever finding. It will transport you far beyond the beaches of Ibiza, on a travel through African soul, Scandinavian jazz, and ethereal pop featuring guest vocals by zero 7’s sophie barker. Experience the chill out record of the summer. Catch some Bliss.


steffan aaskoven : producer & composer
marc-george andersen : composer
salvador 'tchando' embalo : singer & composer
alexandra hamnede : singer
sophie barker : singer

of course today's sound choice is by bliss: kissing


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