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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

80's ultras

cocteau twins

forgive me please, but i am having another 80's moment. i am not attempting to recreate vh1's "whatever happened to", i am only reliving some of my past. most of my readers will be familiar with these flashbacks, but perhaps there are some new minds and hearts who are too young to be familiar with these 80's ultra's (my nickname only)

in the 1980's (couldn't tell by the hair, could you) there was a band of skilled and slightly tilted musicians (i know it describes hundreds of bands from then) who performed amazing compositions that evoked feelings much more than other bands from that era that i can think of. their style, i believe, has been referred to as dream pop, and their sound is unmistakably their own. a bit of techno pop and a bit of classical set the backdrop for a pastiche of musical genres and styles. and woven amidst all those pieces was some of the most sensual sounds i have heard to date.

i don't try to fool myself that they are completely unique. i'm sure they are not. but i do believe they were inspired as well as inspiring. the live shows i saw were so sensual, it was almost like taking mda or some other drug. the vibe at these venues was peaceful and flowing, kinda like a ribbon gymnast performance.

here's what i found at

They were a phenomenon. Not necessarily the kind that plays to stadiums or fills MTV's timeslots or even sells millions of records. Rather, the kind that quietly causes a fundamental shift in perception, exerting a seminal influence that is universally felt if not always seen. Even after having called it quits in 1998—ending a 15-year career together that was impressive by any measure—their mark continues to be recognized everywhere, and legions of fans still hunger for more. But more is not likely to come soon.

In the midst of recording their ninth proper LP as a group—the follow-up to the 1996 release Milk & Kisses—Cocteau Twins decided "enough was enough." Elizabeth Fraser, the group's beguiling, singularly distinctive singer, took her leave and moved away from London to pursue a promising solo career. Her long-time collaborators—Robin Guthrie and Simon Raymonde—continue to focus on their own musical pursuits. Simon's solo work and involvement in developing new talent and Robin's new project, Violet Indiana—along with their successful independent record label, Bella Union—have proven that life beyond Cocteau Twins can be fruitful indeed.

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today's sound choice is (of course) the cocteau twins with heaven or las vegas


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