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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


the wonders of facebook continue to wash over me. i have hooked up with about 20 people from my dance hall days and it has honestly been refreshing. i lived my life bawdily and full of zest and zeal.

one of my friends from those days was a budding fashion designer named paul sisti. he was a bit enamored with me for a short while, i think, but it was destined to be friendship. but i haven't seen him since the late 80's at best. he had started a relationship with another friend of mine by then, and our paths just didn't cross again before i left.

but they did last night on facebook, and another bath in healing words and thoughts from a changed but not forgotten kinship. today, i am thankful for fb. it has quenched a thirst i didn't know i had. he and his partner have been together for 27 years and it's another testament to the concept that same sex relationships endure and are worthwhile.

today's sound choice is bette midler doing "friends"


1 comment:

Sheria said...

I hadn't thought of this song in years; thanks for posting the Divine Miss M.

I agree with your assessment of fb; I've re-engaged with some old friends and it has been a delight.

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