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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

rainbow connection

it ain't easy being green....

i cannot convey accurately the sheer bliss that fills me at this juncture of my life. i could never have imagined that just surrendering to recovery would have led me down such a path. it's never perfect, however, it is sublime. even when i'm busy and dizzy, it is mixed with trust and perspective.

i am so busy these days, i can barely remember what rested feels like. this is, of course, a platinum problem. and i try to remember that.

i have a friend working on a website for T E N (treatment education network). we have a new little logo which is the boggle letters and i like that. we have 5 pages we are looking to have on the site for the start. it's gotta be kinda fast because the funding i was given for it runs out in march.

this is just a tiny thing i have been playing with. i am sure i will change it 50 times before we put it up. the hope is that it will be health and wellness info and have many contributors. i just want it to have some 5280 flavor in its stories and its perspectives.

take a look.. this is a blog only that i am showing.. it will be linked to the main page..


and here is a peek at the splashpage for the site... on the ten

am going to santa fe for a couple of days later this week. am blissfully working on yet another project and i also get to give my almost brother of a cousin a little getaway for his birthday.

today's sound choice is jason mraz doing kermit's "rainbow connection"


1 comment:

Marc said...

the ten blog looks great! Very usesful stuff.
Who's the guy in green? Yum!

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