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Monday, March 30, 2009

the making of me

firstly, i am somewhat of agog with john barrowman. i don't know why i think he's so damn dreamy, but i do. and last night was a john barrowman night on bbc and i was glued to the telly. he was in a two hour special entitled "any dream will do" which was an audition special for the london revival of "joseph and the technicolor dreamcoat" with special appearance by no less that andrew lloyd weber as well as my crush barrowman.

following that show was the u.s. premiere of his special from last summer with the title of "the making of me". it follows him with some attempts to validate his "gayness" as being something born with and not evolved into. interesting but very lite, i found barrowman to be more charming with each moment on film.



Java said...

What a dreamboat!! This looks like a really good show.

Marc said...

I've been loving him on Torchwood for 2 seasons, and if you watch the Producers, he is one of the mains Aryan beauties in "Springtime for Hitler."

Sheria said...

I am a fan of science fiction and one of my favorite shows for years has been Dr Who, the show where I first encountered Barrowman. I followed him to Torchwood, another sci-fi show that I love. At some point, I read something about his being gay, but I decided as my attraction to him was all built on fantasy encounters, that I was going to continue to drool. He's absolutely adorable. I also love the storylines on Torchwood that touch on his character's (Captain Jack Harkness)bisexual nature. One of the most tender love scenes that I've ever seen played out on the screen was between Captain Harkness and a soldier whom he loved but knew was going to die the next day, a casualty of war. (Hey, it's sci-fi and Barrowman's character travels through time and he can't die.) Thanks for the clip. I'll have to check YouTube for the rest of the program. He's absolutely scrumptious!

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