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Sunday, March 29, 2009

leave me alone

Aaow!-Hoo Hoo!

I Don't Care What You Talkin'
'Bout Baby
I Don't Care What You Say
Don't You Come Walkin'
Beggin' Back Mama
I Don't Care Anyway
Time After Time I Gave You All Of My Money
No Excuses To Make
Ain't No Mountain That I
Can't Climb Baby
All Is Going My Way

yesterday was another beautiful colorado spring day. two days ago we were in the throes of a blizzard which dumped a foot or snow along the front range- even more in the resort areas. but today the skies were incredibly blue and the temp was a comfy mid-sixties range.

i got a chance to be a little lazy today. i watched some tv, went to a program fundraiser for someone i don't know who is grappling with stage four cancer, and then went to a film with a buddy of mine. i was sleepy and sassy and i had a sweet time. we went to see "great buck howard" with john malkovich and colin hanks. certainly not earth shattering, but it made my heart smile.

i had even gotten myself to rethink my position with the 501c3, which seemed like a breath of fresh air. all in all a lovely day. and then out of the blue was a text from the author of the smear letter of last march.

It's coming up on a year since we spoke. I thought I would say hi. How are you?

funny thing is, i got heated for a hot minute. and then i realized that this person must want something. i got curious, but the only clear response i could come up with was "delete"

natural sound choice for today is michael jackson with "leave me alone" most of the copies of his vid are unembeddable, so you get pics...


1 comment:

Sheria said...

I think that "delete" was the best response. I wish that life had a delete button. Just think how cool it would be to press a button and have people who do nothing but suck energy from your soul, just disappear from your life. I think that I may have the start of a sci-fi story idea.

Thank you for the birthday wish; you made me feel good.

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