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Friday, March 27, 2009


swap your dull grey thoughts
for fierce demands you can stand up to
don't put yourself down, you'll never win
so let's all smash through
through the fear of being real
through the fear of being really you
'cause living it up, it's a big deal
it's good for you

i had a reaction today to an email that was actually a reaction from somewhere inside me. i had no real control or input in how i reacted. i just reacted. it was spontaneous. it was reflexive. it was visceral.

sometimes i need to remember that i am indeed human. i cannot forego the uncomfortability of over-reacting and not thinking things through sometimes. not sure what will come of it all, but it has shaken up my world a bit.

or maybe i am just over tired from everything this month.

it has snowed about a foot yesterday and perhaps it is really the universe letting me (along with many others) that we need to just chill for a little bit. just hang out and take it easy.

today's sound choice is vintage tones on tale- "go"


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