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Thursday, March 26, 2009

century plant

Didn't know how to tell her
for over thirty years,
he kept locked up inside himself
and no one saw the tears.
And then she went away,
and he woke up that day
Now he brings roses
to his sweetheart,
she lives most anywhere.
He sees someone sufferin'
he knows that despair.

what a week i have had! i was not at all prepared for the bounty that was laid before me at this training. such solid yet so quiet personalities from so many corners of our state. and i think i had imagined bridging some crevasses between us, but i had never ventured to guess what that would feel like.

this week, i was graced with that opportunity. the feeling has surrounded me like few i can remember so vividly. i am humbled, excited, and certainly dwarfed by the posibilities of our initial groundwork.

it will definitely involve many challenges to create a solid flow of information and agreement between our distant communities, however i honestly believe it is most definitely worth much more than the effort.

when i think of the sheer devastation that can be felt with a diagnosis when living in a more remote location such as durango or weld county, i am frozen. the challenges i have felt early on in my journey with hiv must seem luxurious compared to a similar path in a small town in the middle of the country. a thoughtful connection to somewhere bigger may offer warmth on a very cold evening. and an understanding and inclusive perspective, albeit distant, may expand some boundaries for some.

this is why a colorado coalition of pwa's seems a good idea to me. i don't believe that the oppourtunity for such a thing comes every day. but it is here now. and i think it needs to taken for a test drive.

today's sound choice is from the musical camp- "century plant"


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