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Sunday, May 17, 2009


“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

this weekend has found me with the urge to really sigh a very big sigh. the project we have been working on since august has finally come to fruition. our not-for-profit papers have finally been filed. i felt like throwing in the towel long ago as my friend who is in this adventure with me has very definite ideas about everything involved.

but the incorporation has been established. the tax id number has been granted. and the 1023 papers have been sent in. when i heard it had actually been mailed, i just lifted my fist over my head and silently shouted "finally".

one can only hope that everything goes well. i am in complete amazement that i am allowed to participate in this particular journey. when i consider the fear and frustration i felt getting clean almost 5 years ago, i can hardly believe i am the same person. this has to be grace. at least it feels like it. you can check out our organization at on the ten.

i was asked to speak at a recovery rally at the state capital this wednesday. i said yes, but am a bit nervous about putting out a good message. again, i am at a loss to think i am on the same bill as the governor. although i have heard he is double booked and we may get mrs. ritter- (who is fantastic!). but i am most proud of the fact that there is a movement here in america to bring to light the fact that recovery does indeed happen and restores sanity and stability to many sectors. this seems a good direction to channel more of our efforts. less incarceration and more recovery.

with these all these amazing things happening around me, dare i believe that more can happen. i can think of at least one more fabulous adventure i would love to take.

the 5th issue of the sin newsletter is ready and up on the ontheten blog. a big thank you to all those who submitted articles or helped in so many ways.

today's sound choice is cece penniston with "finally"



Java said...

Congratulations on the progress!

Sheria said...

When I read the title of the post, Cece's song immediately popped into my head, but I had forgotten Priscilla, a fabulous film!

Congratulations on getting all the incorporation paper work submitted.

I have no doubt that your speech will be exactly what it needs to be on Wednesday. Will it be posted on ontheten? I'd like to read/hear it.

I think that you've hit on a great slogan, "less incarceration and more recovery."

It's an honor knowing you.

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