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Friday, May 15, 2009


“We all have idols. Play like anyone you care about but try to be yourself while you're doing so.”

B. B. King

american idol.....damn... this season has turned me into a gusher...

over the last few seasons, i have come to love watching idol, usually in the last weeks of the show. the beginning is a bit unnerving for me, as there seems to be much more drama, and the performers are still kinda raw and nervous. it just leaves me uncomfortable and a little perturbed as opposed to feeling enterained or even amused.

but several weeks into the process, the performers have gotten used to the routine, have started to really free themselves of their jitters, and we get a glimpse of them comfortably doing what they love to do.

it's not so much about becoming a star or an idol for me. it is really about watching these young spiritual beings learning to fly (or sing as it were) and it's one of the most lovely sites i can think of.

the critiquing is mildly amusing too, more because it resembles the greek chorus and adds some drama to the process. and at several points in the evening, for these budding professionals, i believe the feedback gives them something to focus on as they find their own strides.

last year david cook sent me reeling the last few weeks as his muse seemed found and he opened up in the process sharing gifts he may not have realized he even possessed.

and then there are the visits back to their hometowns on the second-to-last show. always appreciating a good cry, i love these segments for that very reason. i always tear and i find those bits just as pleasurable as a frank capra film.

this year, american idol has not let me down. a favorite has moved in front for me. of course, his name is kris allen, and i gush now as i type this. i am not in crush at all- at least i hope not. no- i think i am infatuated with his naive demeanor, his humility, and of course his animated smile. i feel my insides smiling when i watch him smile. and the film clip of his hometown visit tugged at my heart.

good luck kris... i can't tell you how much i have enjoyed being a voyeur as you reach for a dream. bravery, tenacity, craftmanship, and kindness. !!! heavenly....

but of course he wouldn't be on the show if he didn't have a voice. today's sound choice is his version of kanye west's "heartless"


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Sheria said...

I've had much the same reaction to AI this season. I didn't watch very much at the start but the last few weeks I've been glued to each show. Young Mr. Allen's version of Kanye West's song is much more to my liking than KW's version. I like his unassuming manner; however, I'm also fond of Adam, the resident preening peacock. His version of Mad World made me cry. Like you, I love a good cry.

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