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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

beyond my peripheral vision

Love looks through a telescope; envy, through a microscope. ~Josh Billings

i am taking a counseling class for the next coupla days. i don't know why i get surprised how my heart opens when i relax, but i repeatedly do. maybe that's a blessing somehow. maybe i forget that i still can have naivete.

in participating in this class, of course, we practice counseling skills. and the clients are always portrayed by ourselves. so, when we are honest, some work actually gets done a little on our own stuff, from a very fresh perspective. and that's what i feel here.

i also am reminded that although i have my share of challenges, barriers, and pain to work through, so does everyone else. maybe they don't show theirs as readily as i do, but it's there. and i certainly am not willing to trade my baggage for anyone else's. i know most of mine inside out, but yours is a mystery to me.

my friend michael and i have been working, disagreeing, debating, and compromising to create a place for some of the programs we have going here in denver. we have applied for not-for-profit status, and are hopeful. we have helped organize and nourish a couple of other hiv positive projects to get them off the ground, thinking that they might also be a good fit for what we are doing. now however it seems that there is rumbling that we are too structured and too far from the "community".

i couldn't objectively say whether they are right or wrong. from my perspective, we are part of "the community". but what others see is beyond my peripheral vision. our website is up now - on the ten i have started a new blog which is news and tidbits mostly, but there are some wonderful contributors.

today's sound choice is ani difranco with "32 flavors"


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