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Sunday, May 10, 2009


I knew a man Bojangles and he’ll dance for you
in worn out shoes.
With silver hair, a ragged shirt and baggy pants,
he would do the old soft shoe.
He would jump so high - jump so high, and then lightly touch down.

He told me of a time he worked with, With the Minstrel shows,
travelling throughout the south,
Spoke with tears for fifteen years how his, how his dog and him
they would travel about
But his dog up and died. Part of him died, after twenty years he still grieves

took my mom to see the soloist yesterday and then for lunch in recognition of mother's day. it was actually quite lovely. sadly she has been diagnosed with a gluten allergy along with a few others. but hopefully she can learn to eat differently at this stage of the game. she has been diabetic for some time, but that really hasn't kept her from eating candy on a regular basis.

but the impetus for this post is the film. it was not really what i expected. for some reason i think i assumed that the creative genius character would have a second chance at fame and success and do exceedingly well. but now only part of what i thought is really true and i won't go into it here.

for me, the performances are stellar. downey is succinct as i am coming to think he almost always is. doesn't miss a beat. breathes life into his roles in ways that seem familiar and intimate. catherine keener is relaxed and in rhythm. and mr. foxx was not mr. foxx at all. instead he resonated mr. ayers for the length of the film.

however, the story that these performances wrap around is really what i felt i had for a main course at lunch. the truths that pitter patter across the screen wedged a a much wider crack in my heart. the scenes around skid row in la were stirring. not merely because that is where my 2 year california binge ended, but also because it brought to mind some villages i have seen depicted in national geographic.

the overwhelming and debilitating nature of some mental illness and substance abuse is anything but small. its power and force can break hearts, break minds, and break lives. and does every day. our modern culture has lost sight of how to deal with this in a practical manner. we have found it acceptable to have separate societies living side by side, not always in tandem. we step over people, step around them, drive by them, and look through them. i believe it is not what we actually wish to do, but more that we have no idea of what actually to do instead.

i, for one, thought this film brilliant. i found it thoughtful and provocative. and i felt it had respect and care for its subject.

today's sound choice was played in the background of the soloist, but not this particular version. since i am mad about robbie williams i couldn't resist his version of "mr. bojangles"


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Mark said...

Joe Wright is ever dependable. (The director). Although this is one of those films I feel comfortable waiting to rent on DVD). If I see everything I want to there's no pleasure to be had at Blockbuster.

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