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Saturday, May 9, 2009

what can i do for you

People want true things
Or nothing at all
People want sincerity
And nothing more
People need happiness as land needs rain
We need rain we need light we need love
Yes you'll find it so hard
To live without love love love

today finds me feeling calmer than i have recently. i am scheduled to the hilt the entire weekend, and as many of us know, monday comes too quickly.

i have recently been introduced with working with younger people i.e. in their late teens and early twenties. beyond the very fact that this is quite sobering in itself, i can easily see much of myself in their thinking. but then they are not me at all. they have their own distinct journeys, even though they take just as many chances as i did, if not many more. i find i want to share with them many of things i have learned since then. but i honestly want to give people the room to be themselves.

as life unfolds in one's twenties, we all know that the unknown will show itself. when it does, it a roll of the dice as to whether we are flexible enough to withstand change. can we learn to be humble? can we learn to let go? can we admit we make mistakes? can we learn from them? can we accept our imperfection? can we accept imperfection in others?

if we can do swallow these sometimes bitter pills, we stand a chance at happiness because for most of us at that age, the winding road ahead has only just begun to develop.

there is a 70's theme here reflecting the time i was in my late teens. the pic above is of one of the cockettes, i believe. and today's sound choice is a vintage song from an old fave. this clip certainly demonstrates how they became fairly well known. their costuming was flash forward. the big hit off of this album was lady marmalade, but i always loved this number as well. here's labelle with "what can i do for you"


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