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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

love is all around

Sometimes the way that you act makes me wonder
What I am to you
Sometimes I can't stand the way that I'm acting
To be part of the things you do
Often I've asked you for too much of your time
Like I'm stealing
And when I dream of the fear that you're leaving
I reach out
Oh baby then you

the days are rolling by. ideas pop in and out. possibilities jet out and recede. each day there is somehow an opening of my heart. i never could have guessed that i have so much farther to grow, but as i see it today, this carnation is only in its infancy.

remembering to keep my heart and hopes open is not always easy. and perfection certainly does not reside in my neighborhood. to keep trying is the best i can do.

i really think one of my groups is most amazing. each of them seems to be actually doing focused work and creating change in their lives. they have become supportive and trusting of each other and it's a joy to watch.

my friend mark wrote a short essay to commemorate his 25th year being positive which is being published in the being alive newsletter. it is also posted at on the ten. i invite you to share his thoughts and take them for a walk. he distinctly embodies the ideas i laid out in the preceding paragraphs. it never ceases to amaze at the tenderness and insight he brings to the surface.

i heard this song on pandora the other day. i fell in love with it all over again. and today i think i like the karen overton version best. "your loving arms" remixed by armin van buuren. i hope it wraps its lovin arms around you.....



Java said...

It sounds so hopeful. I'm thrilled for you.

dixie said...

It's fun to read a post chock full of cliches once in a while. Stupid is as stupid user does, huh?

Mark said...

Thanks for making me feel ceaselessly amazing.
Why ever are you approving hostile comments like Dixie's? (Who I suspect might be my stalker). Isn't the point of comment moderation to forestall that? Blogs are not a democracy, they are a dictatorship. Let Dixie get his own blog--but you he doesn't have one.

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